We build responsive WordPress websites

Mobile internet usage has been skyrocketing over the last few years. Responsive design allows you only have one website that is coded to adapt to all screen sizes, including mobile and tablet devices.

Why do we use WordPress?

We’re a Florida-based web design agency that specializes in WordPress because of its intuitive, easy-to-manage back-end, browser-based interface, and extensive customization options. WordPress code is very clean and simple, therefore search engines can easily read and index the site’s content, which helps tremendously for Search Engine Optimization.


  • Research Phase

    We research your target market, competitors, and online assets to determine the best theme for your website. We meet to discuss our research and integrate our research into your vision for the website.

  • Design Phase

    We design the pages of the website, inserts content, changes visual attributes, installs plug-ins, and manipulates the website to match the vision for the site discussed in the Research Phase.

  • Development Phase

    Consists of revisions rounds, where you and 4 Sale Florida review the website and collaborate on improvements over multiple revision rounds.

  • Implementation Phase

    The website is migrated to the live web server and 4 Sale Florida conducts an in-depth WordPress tutorial to ensure that you’re comfortable navigating the back-end of your website.